Paper Towel Dispensers for Business or Home Use

Paper towel dispensers are lockable, can easily be refilled and will store a large amount of paper towels, ready for use. They are convenient and hygienic, because each person using one gets a clean disposable towel. Paper towel dispensers also have the advantage of reducing maintenance costs and they can be used with environmentally friendly products.

Different Styles and Types of Dispenser

There are various types of paper towel dispensers to choose from, including hands free and level action. The majority of commercial and public facilities provide hand free hand washing and drying to prevent the transmission of germs and diseases.

Most paper towel dispensers are designed to be attached to a wall, but other types are available, such as a counter top or portable dispenser that can be placed on a window sill or convenient table top.

Many metal dispensers are made from stainless steel, which is easy to keep clean and will go on looking good as new. Other types of metal and coloured plastic paper towel dispensers can be selected to match the general decor of a room.

Some paper towel dispensers are designed to hold a big roll of perforated paper, which can match the colour of the dispenser. Others are slim styles designed for single fold, multi-fold or C-fold paper towels.

Advantages of Paper Towel Dispensers

Any room with a sink or a basin will benefit from having paper towels available, not just for drying hands but also for soaking up any liquid spillages. Paper towel dispensers are therefore very convenient for many different types of business or home situation.

Paper towel dispensers in business premises reduce the need for the regular replacement of towels. They also meet the requirements and expectations of employees and customers who prefer using germ-free disposable towels. Sickness leave is also reduced by having disposable towels that prevent diseases from being spread.

Recycled paper products are available for dispensers, which is an advantage in premises where it is important to be environmentally friendly.

Paper towel dispensers also save money, because supplies can be ordered in bulk and advantage can be taken of discount price offers on bigger orders.

Commercial paper towels are produced by big name manufacturers and are available from online suppliers such as Amazon and eBay for deliver next day. By ordering online it is easier to take advantage of being able to order any amount of paper towels, with no minimum purchase, for whatever design of dispenser they are required to refill, and fast delivery is available to any business or home address.