Choosing Paint Colour for Home Interiors

Don’t be overwhelmed by a home interior paint project. Find out how to choose the right paint colour for a home interior – from paint colour to finish. Whether planning to take on the task of a do-it-yourself home interior paint makeover, or to hire professional painters, choosing the paint colours for a home interior […]

Natural and Conventional Mattress Alternatives

Choosing the Right Mattress While conventional innerspring mattresses still constitute the majority of mattress purchases, a number of alternatives are increasingly available. Memory foam, air chambers, natural latex, and cotton futons are just a few of the alternatives to conventional mattresses, in some cases offering better comfort or better indoor air quality. Innerspring Mattresses Conventional […]

How Can One Choose An Oriental Rug?

For a whole lot of people, the world of Oriental carpeting is sort of mysterious, as well as, overwhelming. My family has been in the business of dealing with oriental rugs and carpet since 1938. Here is a couple of very valuable pointers that we’d like to pass along to our customers on how to […]