Bright Teeth – How To Get Bright White Teeth

Dirty, stained teeth are something that many men and women don’t really like about their appearance.  This makes a lot of sense on many different levels.  The teeth play a major part in the overall appearance of our faces.  You can’t really be attractive if you don’t smile so having nice bright teeth is a must.  This is about more than just looks though.  Having an attractive smile also helps most people with their confidence.  If you’re self conscious about your teeth, chances are you won’t speak or act with a lot of authority.  Fixing your stained teeth can actually improve your life in a big way.  In this article, we’ll discuss a few different ways to brighten your teeth and light up your smile.

Before doing so though, I think it’s important to discuss why our teeth are stained. First off, this isn’t a rare problem at all. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or shy if you have brown teeth. Some of the causes of these stains are completely beyond our control. Age, for example, plays a pretty big role in the appearance of our teeth. Generally speaking, older men and women have teeth that aren’t particularly bright. This is basically due to the fact that their teeth have been used more! This is a pretty simple fact but it’s truth just can’t be denied. In most cases, more food and drink means uglier teeth. This leads us to our next cause – food and drink. This is something that we do have a bit of control over. Now, clearly, we can’t just choose not to eat. We can, however, choose what we eat and often we do so. It’s well documented that things like red wine, coffee and even tea DO stain our teeth. You don’t have to cut these things right out of your life but you may want to limit them. It’s also a good idea to brush your teeth after drinking any of the mentioned items. Another big no-no if you want to avoid staining your teeth is smoking. Cigarettes and bright teeth are rarely mentioned in the same sentence.

So how can we get these stains off our teeth?  Well, there are a few different ways.  In the following text, we’ll consider three different methods.  Keep in mind that there is a ton of information on the Internet about these methods.  Don’t just take my word for it!  Get out there and look around for a good solution that works for you!

Now the most obvious thing you can do to ensure your teeth are nice and white is to brush them regularly.  This may seem fairly simple but it’s incredible how many people don’t consider this step.  Make sure you use proper brushing technique and do so at least twice a day.  Many dentists also encourage their patients to brush their teeth after meals as well.  This is particularly true, as mentioned above, if you have a sweet tooth or drink a lot of coffee.  You may also want to consider using a whitening toothpaste.  Now, the reviews of these products are mixed.  The way I see it though, they aren’t going to do any harm.  Just don’t expect quick results from any toothpaste claiming to be a whitening agent.

There is something else that dentists are constantly having to remind their patients of.  I’m speaking, of course, about flossing.  Now while most of us know that this is a necessary evil in order to fight plaque and tarter, most don’t realize that it can actually help whiten teeth as well.  You see, having bright teeth isn’t just about getting the fronts of your teeth nice and white.  You also have to clean up the spaces in between.  This will ensure that your entire smile can light up a room.  In recent years, we’ve seen dental product producers come out with whitening floss as well.  The jury’s still out on the effectiveness of such products but, much like the whitening toothpastes, they can’t hurt.

The last thing we can use get brighter teeth involves the use of bleaching or whitening procedures.  There are essentially three different methods that can be used to whiten your teeth and enhance your smile.  All of the procedures discussed below involve the use of some kind of a peroxide.  Depending on the method, the concentration of said peroxide varies from low to high.

The first method involves going to a dentist or teeth whitening technician and getting an in office treatment.  The most popular treatment out there is probably the Brite Smile Teeth Whitening one.  These procedures are great because they offer almost instant results.  In most cases, people can get bright teeth in a single one hour session.  If your teeth are particularly stained, you may require two or three.  The biggest down fall of an in office bright teeth is the price.  The cost of Brite Smile Teeth Whitening, for example, is about $600.

For something a bit cheaper, you may want to consider a take home whitening kit of some kind.  These products generally go for about $200.  Certain dentists offer them for their patients.  Do a quick search online for some doctors in your area that have this service.  Discus is one of the most popular brands.  They are basically custom fit trays filled with gel that the patient wears for about an hour.  Depending on the concentration of peroxide in the gel, several applications may be necessary.

The cheapest way to whiten your teeth is through the use of over the counter teeth whitening products.  These products come in many forms like paint, strips and trays and, generally speaking, are really not that effective.  The most popular ones are probably the Crest Whitestrips.